Meet Your Presta Rep

At Presta Products, we understand the value of experts when educating people about products and training staff on important "how-tos". That's why we're proud to introduce you to Presta’s Professional Sales and Technical Representative Team. With over 100 combined years of automotive, sales and training experience, you can be sure you'll have the right team in place to help you and your customers learn about the best products and techniques for the finest in automotive and marine care. Contact us today and Put Presta to Work for You!

Presta Products Sales Team


David Kidd
National Sales Manager
Mobile: (330) 696-2617

Reyman Linares
SE Area Sales Manager
Mobile: (330) 690-0450
Territories: Southeastern United States

Oscar Paz
Technical Sales Representative
Mobile: (330) 760-5481
Territories: Western United States


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