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Water-based compound that removes P1500 grit and finer sand scratches and lighter damage and swirls.
$37.97 to $97.97
Silicone-free polish that removes minor surface imperfections and light oxidation from marine gel coats and painted surfaces. 
$45.97 to $119.97
Designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured paint surfaces while leaving a high-gloss finish.
$49.97 to $119.97
The chemical and accessory items in the Presta Shop Pak take you through complete paint refinishing - from compounding to polishing to waxing. Safety Data Sheets for each product in the kit can be found by clicking on the "Related Products" links.
Heavy cut compounding pad effectively removes heavy sanding scratches from fresh and cured painted surfaces.
$18.97 to $48.97
Blended wool, light cut compounding to heavy polishing pad is fantastic for removing oxidation and light sanding scratches, choose the size and connection type to fit your needs.
$21.97 to $57.97
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