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PMC Complete Compound$10.98 to $117.56


UV Créme Wax$18.09 to $72.42 


PMC Finishing Polish$12.42 to $135.82

From Stem to Stern

Presta has been manufacturing high-quality specialty boat restoration, maintenance and cleaning products for the marine industry for over 60 years. Our products are developed by professionals for professionals, and offer the marine industry:

  • Innovative compounds restore weathered fiberglass, gelcoats and painted surfaces
  • Variety of polishes and waxes that safeguard surfaces exposed to the elements
  • Trusted and used by local and regional marinas, marine distributors and well-known OEMs
  • Products for the care of personal watercraft too like jet skis, dinghies and surf and paddle boards
  • Powerful and safe cleaners, washes and instant detailers keep a favorite investment shipshape

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