History of Presta

Vintage photo of original Presta/Malco Plant

Family owned and operated since 1953, Presta Products and its parent company are built on a rich tradition of commitment to customer care. Through the years we have built a definition of success that includes a strong, committed group of employees, innovative product development, quality manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction.

The Presta line of products has been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results on all painted surfaces. Whether your paint is clearcoat or single stage, whether new or old, Presta products will help you create a dazzling, mirror-like finish. In addition, Presta is the perfect choice for gel coats, mold refinishing, composites, Plexiglas and fiberglass.

Our unique system of color-coded chemicals and buffing pads is easy to understand and helps ensure an optimal finish is achieved with each product. All of our compounds are water based, VOC compliant and easy to clean up. They contain no waxes, silicones or fillers to hide scratches so the finish observed after buffing stays true. With features like these, it’s easy to see why Presta is “The Finest of Finishing Products.”

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