PACE™ Paint Finishing System Kit

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PACE™ Paint Finishing System Kit

Price : $189.97

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800597 - PACE Paint Finishing System Sell Sheet
800697 PACE Sell Sheet_2018 w_3inch_Final
SDS Canada-1331-PACE HEAVY CUT COMPOUND_2017-9-7_Canadian French
SDS Canada-1331-PACE HEAVY CUT COMPOUND_2017-9-7_English
SDS Canada-1332-PACE MEDIUM CUT COMPOUND_2017-9-8_Canadian French
SDS Canada-1332-PACE MEDIUM CUT COMPOUND_2017-9-8_English
SDS Canada-1333-PACE ULTIMATE POLISH_2017-5-10_Canadian French
SDS Canada-1333-PACE ULTIMATE POLISH_2017-9-8_English
SDS Canada-1337-PACE PROTECTIVE GLAZE_2017-5-11_Canadian French
SDS Canada-1337-PACE PROTECTIVE GLAZE_2018-5-14_English
SDS US-1331-PACE HEAVY CUT COMPOUND_2017-5-11-English
SDS US-1333-PACE ULTIMATE POLISH_2017-5-10_English
SDS US-1337-PACE PROTECTIVE GLAZE_2017-5-11_English
Product Details
The PACE™ Starter Kit combines the ease of use of an orbital with compounds that can finish in one step.

     Each PACE™ Starter Kit contains the following:

    • 1 PACE™ Heavy Cut Compound - 16oz.
    • 1 PACE™ Medium Cut Compound - 16oz.
    • 1 PACE™ Ultimate Polish - 16oz.
    • 1 PACE™ Protective Glaze - 16oz.
    • 1 PACE™ Purple Foamed Wool Heavy Cut Pad
    • 1 PACE™ Grey Foam Heavy Cut Pad
    • 1 PACE™ Orange Foam Medium Cut Pad
    • 1 PACE™ Black Foam Polishing Pad
    • 1 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush
    • 5 Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloths

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