I-CAR® Industry Training Alliance member

Another Reason Why Presta is the Finest in Finish Products

Presta Products is now an I-CAR® Industry Training Alliance partner, and is offering I-CAR continuing education credits and training to body shop customers. The I-CAR Industry Training Alliance exists to recognize training accomplishments through approved providers. All programs approved for inclusion into the Training Alliance must support the I-CAR vision that every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete and safe repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

I-CAR Industry Training Alliance Partner

As an I-CAR Industry Training Alliance partner, Presta offers courses that meet the continuing education requirements for the I-CAR Professional Development Program for Gold Class Professional Shops and Platinum Individuals. To learn more about the training from Presta through the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance, visit www.i-car.com.

COURSE TITLE: Sanding and Buffing for the Refinishing Technician/staff seeking I-CAR Professional Development
COURSE LEVEL: I-CAR Pro Level 1; Platinum and Gold Class Shop. This is a three-hour course.
COST: Training fees are established by I-CAR. Courses under eight credit hours cost $47.
COURSE SUMMARY: This course meets the requirements for the I-CAR Professional Level 1 knowledge area, and is also eligible to meet the annual training requirement for Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individuals designations. Using written, video and real-work examples, this clinic provides a full range of sanding and buffing knowledge in two modules beginning with detailing safety and continuing through identifying and classifying specific paint defects. Most importantly, you'll learn recommended products and processes to correct paint and other existing finish defects.
RESOURCES: Contact your Presta Sales Representative to request a training clinic, and visit www.i-car.com for more information about I-CAR and the Training Alliance.
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