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Ideal for marine and industrial applications. This water-based compound removes P800 or finer dual action sand scratches and P1000 or finer wet sand scratches. Easy clean up.
$39.30 to $109.05
The perfect compound for light damage and swirls. Less aggressive than our best-selling Ultra Cutting Creme. Follow with Presta Swirl Remover for a flawless finish in just two steps.
$15.74 to $34.81
Our best-selling compound. Easy to use and extremely versatile. Removes medium to heavy scratches, oxidation and weathering. Diminishing abrasives round to help polish away scratches and swirls.
$15.74 to $34.78
Extremely aggressive compound designed to remove up to 600-grit sand scratches and oxidation from gel coats, marbleized surfaces and some paints. Cuts fast, finishes clean
Presta’s fastest and most efficient cutting compound.
$15.74 to $108.23
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