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Pro Appearance Pak (136085N)
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Product Details
The chemical and accessory items in the Presta Pro Appearance Pak take you through complete detail - from washing to protecting to final details.

Each Shop Pak contains the following:

Conquest Heavy-Duty Cleaner, 1 Gal.: Cleans engines, door jambs and more... this powerful cleaner/degreaser can be diluted to clean a variety of automotive surfaces. Biodegradable, non-caustic concentrate will not harm newly painted surfaces, does not etch aluminum and leaves no film or residue.

Leather & Vinyl Cleaner, 1 Gal.: Removes grease, grime and soils from vinyl, plastic and leather. The powerful penetrating formula cleans down to the pores and leaves the surfaces clean, film-free and shiny.

Ultra Concentrated Glass Cleaner, 1 Gal.: Quickly and easily cuts through dirt, grease, grime and oily films on auto glass and other hard shiny surfaces. This ammonia-free formula provides deep down cleaning action and leaves surfaces spotless, shiny and streak-free. 1:10 dilution.

Sudzz Car Wash, 1 Gal.: Formulated to remove soils and rinse away clean and film-free. This hard-working cleaner penetrates to clean dirt, grease and grime, providing excellent performance at a value. 1:128 dilution

Spray ‘N Shine, 1 Gal.: Removes fingerprints and dirt and leaves an attractive shine on any non-porous, painted surface with this easy-to-use appearance enhancer. Also works great as a lubricant with overspray clay or during buffing when the compound, polish or pad gets too dry.

Non-Acid Tire & Wheel Cleaner, 22 oz.: Powers away brake dust and road grime. Fast-acting, non-acid formula leaves wheels clean and bright. Safe on virtually all types of wheels. Eliminates worry about cleaner and wheel compatibility.

Radiant Non-Silicone Dressing, 22 oz.: Non-silicone, ready-to-use dressing specially formulated for body shops. Restores rich colors and gloss to surfaces faded by exposure to sunlight and weathering.

Secondary Bottle with Trigger for:
Conquest Heavy-Duty Cleaner
Leather & Vinyl Cleaner
Ultra Concentrated Glass Cleaner
Spray ‘N Shine

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