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Foam Pad Compound
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1378 Presta Foam Pad Compound Tech Data - Spanish
Tech Sheet - Foam Pad Compound - 09-07-12
Product Details
Aggressive compound designed specifically for use with a foam compounding pad. Easily removes 2000 grit and finer wet-sand scratches from both soft and cured paint.

Foam Pad Compound contains no waxes fillers or silicone, so the finish you see when you're thorugh compounding is the true finish. Unlike competitor products that fill scratches and wash away over time, Presta compounds mechanically remove the defect from your paint's clear coat for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish.

  • Desinged for use with Presta's orange CCS foam cutting pad.
  • Contains NO waxes, fillers or silicone.
  • Designed for use with a high-speed rotary buffer.
  • Follow with Presta Ultra Polish to maximize gloss and shine.
  • Water-based – cleans up fast and easy.

For those of you who prefer componding with foam, Presta Foam Pad Compound is a great, low-cost alternative for removing scratches and defects. Try a bottle, today!

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